EMB #152: The Truth about Protein Supplements 1

Protein supplements is the topic on the edition of Exploring Mind and Body, more specifically I’ll be talking about Complete Truth Protein. *Here is an excerpt from the show transcript that I thought would be beneficial for you to read* Food Above All Else Because I believed in food so much I knew this this […]

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EMB #150: Finding Success 2

Finding Success is the topic on today’s Exploring Mind and Body.  First of all welcome to show #150,  being on air for  this many shows and almost 3 years has been an absolute please.  There’s been so many lessons learned and positive aspects that have come out of this show, I’m so grateful it’s been […]

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EMB: #149 How to Juice

How to juice is the topic on today on Exploring Mind and Body.  Today I’m interviewing Debbie Kishineff who is an absolute expert leading by experience who actually drinks 3 pints of juice a day.  She’s lost 65lbs (correct me if I’m wrong Debbie) and she’s changed her lifestyle around for the better.  Debbie is […]

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How to juice with Debbie Kishneff

grateful for what we have

EMB:#146 Grateful for what we have 1

EM&B:#146 Grateful for what we have is the topic on today’s Exploring Mind and Body.  So in this episode it’s just me, no interview, it’s just you and me like I started out. I very much enjoy the interview format, I like talking to people, meeting them and hearing what they write about, speak about […]

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EMB #143: Plant Based Nutrition

Plant based nutrition is the topic on today’s Exploring Mind and Body, and this is something I personally believe in so I couldn’t be happier to bring this topic to you and introduce as guest as well who will be shining some light on this topic for us. Sarah Skalzub is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, […]

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Plant based nutrition with Sarah Skalzub

EMB #140: Food Like Substances 5

Food like substances is the topic on today’s Exploring Mind and Body.  There are so many ‘food’ like substances out there, ‘foods’ that are flooded the grocery stores we shouldn’t be consuming, are hard to digest and aren’t necessarily recognized by the body.  It’s important to talk about these foods, it’s important to let people […]

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EMB #113: Is organic food healthier? 1

‘Is organic food healthier’ is a questions that often comes up.  You have two sides of the story, one either says it’s too expensive or it’s ‘how do you really know if it’s organic?’.  And the other side says, of course, organic is always better.  So what I’ve done is invite someone on the show […]

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what we have time for

EMB #87: What we have time for

What we have time for is what I’d like to talk about in the episode of Exploring Mind and Body because the number one excuse or reason people tell me why they don’t life a healthy lifestyle is because they don’t have time.  It always strikes me to know we don’t have time when we […]

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EMB #47: Grocery shopping tips

Grocery shopping tips Prema Sai Complete Truth Protein

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EMB #1 Episode #1!

The first episode of Exploring Mind and Body!

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