EMB #309: Brain Foods for Active Kids

As a grade 1 teacher of 8 years Dorothy is an expert in seeing how different foods affects the learning of our youth. In this show she talks about what sugar and processed foods does to the learning and focus of those children in the classroom, and she’ll also talk about their mood and energy as well.

And finally Dorothy will offer healthy snack options and ideas to pack in your child’s lunch to properly fuel their minds for optimal learning.


What ingredients to avoid?

  • Sugar
  • Processed Food
    • Packaged Food
  • Importance
    • Self-regulation
    • Mood
    • Focus
    • Energy
  • Snacks
    • Banana/apple PB
    • Trail Mix
    • hummus & veggies
    • Baking
    • Muffins
    • Granola Bar
    • Protein bars

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