EMB #549: 3 Oils to Avoid

3 Oils to Avoid

I’m going to be talking about the oils you should be avoiding. And it’s a deep subject. It’s complicated. People get angry and frustrated because they feel like they’ve been lied to. It’s a whole thing. But I’m going to try to raise some awareness around that for you. 

I’m going to help you try to understand what’s going on in some of the industries, what certain oils do to our body. And that’s what we have going on today. But before we jump into that, I’m going to give you a quick clip I just threw up on TikTok, and I thought it was worth sharing it with our radio and podcast audience as well. 

In case you don’t know too much about oils or if you need to learn more about it, stay tuned, because I feel like it’s a very, very shady industry.

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