EMB: Warrior Pose with Bhava Ram

Warrior Pose with Bhava Ram in an extraordinary book and interview which I can’t wait to share with you today.  Bhava is a former network news war correspondent whose career was abruptly ended due to a broken back and failed surgery. Declared permanently disabled, he was heavily medicated and confined to a body brace.

On the brink of death, Ram left western medicine, detoxified from all medications and found mind/body medicine. Through the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda, Ram healed himself and now devotes his life to helping others reclaim their inherent power to achieve profound self-healing, overcome life’s greatest challenges, find their authentic voices, and manifest their fullest potential.

This was an absolutely incredible interview as we talked about Warrior Pose with Bhava Ram.  You know what’s funny, I picked this book up a number of times and then put it back down. For whatever reason I continued to be drawn to it until I finally picked it up and then booked the interview with Bhava.

Beginning as a real live war corresponded on the front lines, Bhava said he lived his dream job, however as his career flourished his health diminished. Finally Bhava couldn’t go on any more as his initial fall years ago finally cracked his spine and left him in excruciating pain. The only answer he could find was conventional medicine at the time.

After the doctors gave him two years to live he was left highly medicated, severely depressed and pretty much lifeless. That was until he heard the few words out of his son’s mouth that would change his life forever “Get up Daddy”. That was enough right there for Bhava to make a decision to change his life for the better, get off medication and begin healing himself like he knew he could.

In Warrior Pose with Bhava Ram he talks about the painful detox he went through, and how he later began teaching himself yoga and visiting his ‘healing room’ up to 12 hours a day. Soon after Bhava began fasting and implemented a Vegan diet to help cleanse his body of all the toxins his body was under from conventional medicine for so many years.

Bhava now teaches through his website Bhavaram.com and also through deepyoga.com.

One of my favorite things Bhava said in the interview is how he teaches others to empower themselves, how we can heal ourselves if we can find a way to reduce the clutter, toxic thoughts and be in silence.  And finally how food will nourish your body and living in a less stressful environment.

Bhava knows very well and explains that conventional medicine masks our pain instead of getting to the root of the issue which I talk about here. It’s incredibly important to get to the root of the issue if you want to heal from the inside out.

Bhava Ram and Warrior Pose

In the studio with Bhava Ram’s Warrior Pose