EMB #243: Uncover Your Life Purpose

What matters to you? What moves you forward? What is your life purpose, and how are you fulfilling it? By knowing your answers to these questions, and acting upon them, you will live a happier, healthier, and longer life; it has been scientifically proven. In this episode, Dr. Jason Klop will teach us how to uncover our life purpose.

Living as a naturopathic doctor, he realized that the best way for patients to get back to health was to do something fulfilling with their lives. In society, we are often wired to only mask the symptoms of an illness, and we hardly ever attack the root of the problem. Dr. Klop teaches us that our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves, and how to make changes that treat the core of the problem.

Tune in to learn how to answer these very important questions, uncover your life purpose, and live a happier, healthier, longer life.


Who is Dr. Jason Klop?

Naturopathic Doctor, speaker, coach, podcaster and passionate advocate of purpose driven living Dr. Jason Klop has been listed as a ‘Young Influencer’ in Naturopathic Medicine by the AANMC and spreads his message through his #1 ranked new and noteworthy podcast. Dr. Jason Klop is the founder and CEO of Dynamic Success Academy, where he helps individuals do work they love and earn what they desire.

Find out more about Dr. Jason Klop at drjasonklop.com and grab some of his free resources or listen to his podcast where he interviews entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and authors who share how to overcome struggle and challenges while creating a successful life, business and career. Check out his academy at dynamicsuccessacademy.com

Show Notes:

  • Who is Dr. Klop, how he got interested in Homeopathy
  • Do something fulfilling to get better/back to health
  • Having a sense of purpose helps people live longer
  • Drew Taddia´s personal story- success and failures
  • “If you want to own the island, burn the boats.”- Tony Robbins
  • Purpose
    • Everyone has one, even trees have a purpose
    • It´s about connecting your past positive and negative experiences together to find out what propels you forward
    • Yet to be uncovered
  • When facing life challenges, connect back to your purpose
    • We are often overwhelmed with descisions, we spread ourselves too thin and we are not fulfilled
  • What matters to you? What moves you forward?
    • Answering these questions is the key to a longer life
  • Being in service to others
  • Once someone is aware that they have been unaware, they can start to ask and answer some of life´s key questions
    • Why am I here? Is this my legacy? What am I leaving behind? How am I contributing to and bettering myself and the world around me?
    • The awnsers to these questions fertilizes the soil in which you grow.
  • Look back in life and write down your top 5 best experiences, and the top 5 most painful/discouraging experiences
    • To propel yourself forward
    • Use what you have learned to help others grow
  • My purpose is ___, so that ___
    • Ex: My purpose is to help others find their purpose- to live a fully/wholly and healthily, so that they inspire others to do the same
  • Write, think, and talk about your life purpose
  • Create a life that fulfills your purpose
  • Our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves- healing from a foundation level
    • Our “Quick fix” society teaches us to just mask the symptoms – never getting rid of the root of the problem
    • Make changes that treat the root of the problem
  • Eating with fear is just as bad as eating McDonalds
    • Good Food + Bad Mindset = Unhealthy
    • Bad Food + Good Mindset = Healthier
  • Do what works for you
    • Small changes to impact the core of the problem are huge
  • Don´t be afraid to indulge yourself, life is short

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