EMB #255: The Inefficiency Assassin

You heard the saying, “Time is gold.” Sometimes you can’t help but be in disbelief when time passes you by so fast you can’t imagine how it just went by in a heartbeat. What better way to manage your time wisely than to use time management tactics in order to improve your life and make your day efficient.

Helene Segura, could be the answer to your time-saving woes. She is the author of the book, “The Inefficiency Assassin.” She combines neuroscience, educational psychology and pop culture to teach her individual clients and keynote and training audiences how to improve their efficiency during their work day so they can have a life outside of it. You can find her website in the show notes below.

The Inefficiency Assassin

Show notes:

  • avoiding procrastination
  • reducing stress
  • prioritizing your life
  • time management business and consultancy
  • goal of her book: peace
  • help clients slay lost time
  • born and raised in los angeles
  • overwhelmed in college trying to balance everything
  • in highschool where she started teaching time management tactics and organizational tactics
  • teaching how to be efficient in a day without making huge changes in their lives
  • driven to be better how to do best and work hard
  • taking a step back and not saying no everything that’s out there
  • what you truly need to say yes to
  • how to say no especially for a nurturer
  • stalling tactics
  • how will delaying it benefit me?
  • the more we procrastinate the more we put stress in ourselves
  • turning to-do list into done list
  • focus on the top 3 priorities from that monster list then define timelines to them
  • make an appointment with yourself to do it. schedule in your calendar. estimate time duration.
  • procrastinate productively
  • install procrastination apps in your cellphones. helps remind you of your procrastinating habits.
  • turn off your notifications on your phones
  • proactive level. what do I do tomorrow to get ahead.
  • www.inefficiencyassassin.comwww.HeleneSegura.com

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