EMB #485: Sustainable Lasting Changes or Quick Fixes?

It’s a dangerous mindset to be in the quick fix mind frame. I recently heard someone say, you grow a business as quickly as possible so you call sell it because organic growth takes too long. This is that instant results mind frame that I’m talking about. When you’re looking for instant you’re often disappointed. […]

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making changes that last

EMB #295: Making Changes that Last!

Join Drew Taddia this week as he interviews Jennifer Gendron on Making Changes that Last! Jennifer has owned and operated Lifestyles Health & Fitness studio for the past 8 years.  She has worked in the fitness industry since 2004 where she began her career in a gym setting as a personal trainer and group fitness […]

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Boost Metabolism, Burn Fat, Workouts and Running

What’s the best way to burn body fat and increase your metabolism, what workouts should you do if you’re crunched for time, how to start a running program…

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Adapting Workouts for Injuries

We all deal with injuries at some point or another especially for those that are active on a regular basis. In this show I give a number of tips to help you continue working out so you don’t lose those results you worked so hard to gain. These tips include: understanding injuries are normal (you’re […]

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Pre Workout Nutrition

Pre workout nutrition comes up quite a bit, truthfully I stay away from this question because it can become quite complicated. Depending on your goals, your sport time of day you’re working out, how long your workout, etc all play a vital role in what type of nutrition you should be consuming before a workout. […]

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pre workout nutrition

efficient results with gerald smith

EMB #221: Efficient Results with Gerald Smith

In this episode of Exploring Mind and Body we’ll be talking about Efficient results with Gerald Smith. I love this topic because it’s the way I train myself and it’s the way I train my clients. Gerald and I have much in common when it comes to finding an efficient way to get the results […]

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Get Your Morning Workout In! 2

In this show I wanted to talk about how to get your morning workout in because at times it seems so many have difficulties squeezing in a workout during the day. A common question I often receive is, ‘is it better to workout in the morning or in the evening?’, the truth is it doesn’t […]

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Get your morning workout in

EMB #215: Creating a Positive Environment 4

Creating a Positive Environment was something that was clear to me the minute I met Jenn Santana. I walked into her studio and with her upbeat energy and enthusiasm, we welcomed me with open arms. Not only that but as her clients began coming into her studio she introduced me right there on the spot! […]

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EMB #208: Real People Real Results

It was an absolute pleasure having Chantal Denis on Exploring Mind and Body today to talk about her results from our 10 day fitness challenge. I believe there is path that can be followed and repeated not only for Chantal but for you as well, which is why I wanted to share her success with […]

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chantal denis

increase nutrition with increased workouts

Increase nutrition with increased workouts

Increase nutrition with increased workouts is an important subject because I’m not sure we think about how much increased workouts affect our over all ability to function if we aren’t putting quality nutrients in our body. See what happens is, our body burns energy while at activity, this energy burned comes from food but not […]

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