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EMB #638: Topical Magnesium Benefits: Essential for Women Over 40

In episode #638 of Exploring Mind and Body, discover the importance of topical magnesium for women over 40. Join us as we delve into the unique benefits of using magnesium topically, especially for women navigating the challenges of aging. Learn how topical magnesium can support overall well-being, ease muscle tension, promote relaxation, and enhance sleep […]

EMB #635: Protein Power: Navigating Menopause

In episode #635 of Exploring Mind and Body, Drew Taddia sheds light on the vital role of protein for menopausal women. Join Drew as he explores the importance of protein in navigating the unique challenges and changes that come with menopause. This episode delves into the specific benefits of protein for women in this stage […]

EMB #122: Stress Relief for Women 4

Stress relief for women is the perfect subject for our guest today on Exploring Mind and Body.  Lorna Vanderhaeghe who has specialized in women’s health with books, products and lectures for over 30 years talks all about stress relief for women today. Topics Covered What is stress in women? How to accomplish stress relief for […]