EMB #574: Holiday Health Tips

You know what the thing is, there’s always a reason it’s a holiday, or a birthday or a long weekend. Holidays never really end with September and the start of a new school year, then there’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year celebrations…. It never ends, which means this show’s information is relevant at any time […]

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tips to save time in the grocery store

5/5 – Tips to save time in the grocery store

Here we are with another 5 tips in 5 minutes! Today’s topic is tips to save time in the grocery store. We all know what it’s like to be crunched for time. Many skip the grocery store all together and hit the drive through, so understand you’re doing a good thing by taking the first […]

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Tipping for Service

I have a real issue with tipping for service because it seems like the price always goes up, then it seems like new places pop up with tip jars and expectations of giving more than you pay for. Who decides, when will it end, feeling cheap and who’s right.  I talk about it all right […]

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