EMB#196: Lou Corona’s 4 Principles 1

It was an absolute pleasure having Lou on the show talking about his 4 principles. Lou really is a fountain of unending information. So much so that we actually have 20 mins of BONUS material for you! Lou has an incredible story of how he healed himself from numerous health issues in which no one […]

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EMB #187: Simply Raw

In this interview I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Christina Ross author of Love Fed who talks about living a simply raw lifestyle. Christina begins the interview by telling her story of how she became a raw foodist. She was encouraged by her now husband (Alex) to follow her love and passion and […]

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EMB #159: Toddler Health

I know there’s a number of young mothers out there looking for information on how to help raise your children in a healthy manner.  Who doesn’t want to give our youth an advantage at living a healthier lifestyle? I asked Janabai Amsden who is the own of Rawvolution which is a raw food restaurant in […]

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EMB #158: Rawtarian 1

So every once in awhile I get the urge to try Raw food, recently I just came back from a health conference and some of the main topics were enyzymes so naturally raw food was often talked about.  So with my inspiration with raw food at it’s peak I look for some easy raw burger […]

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EMB #152: The Truth about Protein Supplements 1

Protein supplements is the topic on the edition of Exploring Mind and Body, more specifically I’ll be talking about Complete Truth Protein. *Here is an excerpt from the show transcript that I thought would be beneficial for you to read* Food Above All Else Because I believed in food so much I knew this this […]

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