Attack Your Immune System

It seems there are always bugs and viruses hanging around and everyone is having to treat those illnesses.  Taking care of your body on a daily basis is the key to prevention instead of treatment.  If you do things that will prevent illness, then you will seldom have to treat. Learn how to attack your […]

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Attach your immune system

shin splints how to prevent and treat

Shin Splints How to Prevent and Treat 2

Shin Splints How to Prevent and Treat is something I wanted to talk about because the question just happened to come up in our Monthly Membership from Dallas. I love questions because it gives me a better idea of what you want to know, so let’s talk about shin splints! Show Notes: The first thing […]

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EMB #190: Take Control of Your Health

Tonight on Exploring Mind and Body, I’m talking about Taking Control of Your Health. There will come a time in all of our lives when nothing else matters but our health. Unfortunately we spend much of our lives focused on ‘priorities’ that can become so insignificant in an instant. I talk about prevention, food, exercise, […]

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Reduce stress with prevention instead of treatment

  Why is prevention better? Feeling strong and healthy all the time Sleeping well Live in vitality Not struggling with your health Skip out on medication – missing work, doctors offices, waiting rooms, forms to fill out, medication, side affects Stress put on your family Reduce stress in your life Figure out what stresses you […]

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EMB #80: Prevention

Prevention is the topic on Exploring Mind Body today and it’s something that needs to be address which is why I chose it.  So many of us look to treat, we look to medicate, we look for the easy way out when if fact whatever our issue is, it could have been prevented.  In the […]

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Prevention through exercise