EMB #520: Healing Chronic Pain

This is a tough one to write about. When you run a public business sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to keep personal and what to share with the world. I’ve always felt it’s important to lead by example. Given that we teach health and wellness I feel like my health and wellness should […]

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EMB #505: Osteopathic Wellness

Christal grew up in a small farming community in Southern Saskatchewan. As an avid athlete with her share of injuries, she had little assistance from the medical profession available to her in her small town so decided to study Athletic Therapy at Mount Royal College. She wanted not only to understand what was wrong and […]

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EMB #460: How to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Hello my name is doc Noolee with i.Athlete Physio. My expertise is helping you get rid of that pain that limits you from living the healthy, active lifestyle you love to. I am a physical therapist with a board certification in orthopedics. I value every clients outcome and their experience with me – get clients […]

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