mitochondrial disease

Live with Blaine Penny on Mitochondrial Disease

Here is a Facebook Live interview where I interview Blaine Penny who is doing AMAZING things for the Mitochondrial Disease which his some has been diagnosed with. He’ll be running this weekend in Calgary linked to (hopefully) 150 people to break a Guinness World Record in raising money for his son and other with the […]

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Blaine Penny on Mitochondrial Disease

EMB #238: Blaine Penny on Mitochondrial Disease 3

Blaine‚Äôs connection to MitoCanada was a result of his son Evan who tragically went from being a perfectly normal 4-year-old kid (8 years ago) to a spastic quadriplegic overnight (who could not longer walk, talk or eat) as a result of mitochondrial disease. Blaine has poured his spare time over the past 7 years into […]

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