EMB #528: Compassion and Gratefulness – Part 1   Recently updated !

In part 1 of this 2 part series I talk about the importance of compassion of being a contributing human being to this world. It’s so important to practice compassion especially in the world we live in today. We don’t know what another is going through and it’s best not to judge. Remain grateful, change […]

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Compassion and Gratefulness - Part 1

EMB #493: How to deal with your emotions

How to deal with your emotions is something many are struggling with, which all that’s going on in the world. However there are things that we can control. There are situations we can put ourselves in to improve our emotions and overall state of being. These small steps will put control back into your life. […]

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EMB: 242: Benefits of in Home Personal Training

Jonathan Chant works not only on stretching the muscles, but stretching the mind. This episode discusses the unlimited possibilities that come from stomping your limiting beliefs. . . We will discover the stories we make up about why we can’t do certain things and the habits these stories cause us to form. We will then learn […]

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at home workouts with jonathon chant