EMB #456: Choose Unconditional Self Love

Blake D. Bauer is the author of the international bestselling book You Were Not Born To Suffer. Each year he helps thousands of people who cannot find effective support from conventional psychology, medicine, or religion. Blake is a world-renowned teacher and speaker with an extensive background in psychology, alternative medicine, nutrition, traditional healing, and mindfulness […]

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EMB #223: Dr. Bernie Siegel on Love, Animals and Miracles 2

In this show I have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Bernie Siegel on Love, Animals and Miracles and as you’ll soon find out this is going to be a favourite. Dr. Siegel had the incredible ability to tell a story in a way that you feel like you’re experiencing the story yourself. There’s so much information […]

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Love Yourself Detox 1

So many times in life we put ourselves last, we don’t believe we deserve to be better or live a better life, and more than anything we feel like we don’t have time for ourselves. This love yourself detox is to show you that you are worth it, that you deserve to be happy and […]

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