EMB: #149 How to Juice

How to juice is the topic on today on Exploring Mind and Body.  Today I’m interviewing Debbie Kishineff who is an absolute expert leading by experience who actually drinks 3 pints of juice a day.  She’s lost 65lbs (correct me if I’m wrong Debbie) and she’s changed her lifestyle around for the better.  Debbie is […]

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How to juice with Debbie Kishneff

questions and answers which include eating whole food

EMB #147: Questions and Answers

EM&B #147: Questions and Answers is this entire show of Exploring Mind and Body.  I receive many questions throughout the week, so I thought why not dedicate and entire show to answering these questions for everyone. Summary What do I think of juicing diets? Why are breakfast cereals so unhealthy? How to get children to […]

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