EMB #512: Is Depopulation Really Happening?

Isn’t it crazy that we’re even talking about this? But I mean how many times have we said that to ourselves? In this clip I’m going to talk about some very difficult subjects. Most in which people shy away from. They are too hard to think about, too hard to understand, even fathom. Why could […]

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EMB #484: The Freedom Promise

Mindy Gorman-Plutzer brings 25 years of experience to her private practice as a Certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner and Eating Psychology Coach.  Mindy’s life experience and training inspired her to create a framework that combines functional nutrition, positive psychology, and mind/body science; introducing a compassionate resolution to physical and emotional challenges resulting from chronic […]

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EM&B #415: You are seen. You belong. You matter.

Upon meeting Isabelle, it’s clear : You are seen. You belong. You matter.   Isabelle is the founder of We Power, a Yoga & Leadership school based in Los Angeles. She mentors and trains teachers and studio owners to become powerful, effective and inclusive leaders, both in the studio and in their lives.    With […]

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You are seen. You belong. You matter.

EMB #63: Detoxify Yourself Interview

Detoxify Yourself Interview Halloween Candy

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