EMB #478: How to Read Ingredients

It’s important to understand how to read ingredients. We hear all the time how long it takes to grocery shop if you’re always reading ingredients. First of all, it’s worth noting that once you start to recognize brand names and where to go in the grocery store, it’ll take a much shorter time to go. […]

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EMB #465: Choosing Better Ingredients

Choosing Better Ingredients is a way of life, it really is. Choose better quality isn’t just about ingredients, it’s what you choose on a regular basis. Let’s take ingredients first. The better ingredients you put in your body, the better your body will feel, the better your body feels the more confidence you’ll have. And […]

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EMB #298: Why you NEED to Read Ingredients!

Why is it important to read ingredients, how to save time when doing so, what to look for and what we should be avoiding. All of your questions around reading ingredients and labeling is coming up on this show! Join Drew Taddia and Dorothy Keith as they co-host this show on Reading Labels! Thank you […]

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