EMB #483: Does eating fats really make you fat?

Fats are either causing inflammation or preventing inflammation. Especially when it comes to oils. There are many rancid oils on the shelves that actually cause inflammation. Which includes trans fats which is more directly your deep fried foods, fries, wings, onion rings, etc. It would be a very good idea to understand the chronic pain […]

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EMB #141: Holistic Pain Relief

Holistic pain relief is the topic on this episode of Exploring Mind and Body, and today I’m interviewing Dr. Heather Tick her book called Holistic Pain Relieft.  Now I must say to be quite honest with you I was a little weary picking up a book written by a doctor, I was expecting complicated details, […]

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EMB #133: Reducing Inflammation 1

Reducing inflammation is the hot topic on today’s show on Exploring Mind and Body, and I wanted to cover this subject because it seems more and more people are dealing with not only inflammation but chronic inflammation which negatively affects our lives.  The more we know about how to reduce inflammation the better we are […]

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Reducing inflammation with Danielle Kot