5 liquids for optimal health

I thought it might be fun to do a show about 5 liquids for optimal health. I quickly list what and why which include: Kombucha Green smoothie fruit smoothie water tea carrot juice (bonus!) This Show is brought to you by¬†Puradyme, a company that is truly interested in improving your health! Thanks you so much […]

Top 5 Nutrition Myths

There are so many nutrition myths out there, so much misconception, so many ‘perceived truths’, which I why I decided to put down my top 5 nutrition myths. There is information coming from every angle, but is it valid, is because ‘we’ve always done it that way’, or maybe there’s even truth to it. Regardless, […]

EMB #246: 5 Core Principles of Wellness

5 Core Principles of Wellness with Dr. Nicola brown is all about how to naturally improve your health through these core principles that include: Nutrition, Fitness, Supplementation, Hydration and Stress Relief. Dr. Nicola Brown MeD RN, PhD is a dynamic mother and fabulous grandmother, leading her tribe as RN, Transformational Educational Speaker and Coach, Professor, […]

5 core principles of wellness

Q & A: Exercise Hydration Nutrition Stress

In this short Q and A sessions Troy interviews my on a few different topics which include Exercise, Hydration, Nutrition and Stress. Exercise: Make a plan Find a professional Find a way to continue your inspiration and motivation at this time Hydration: Most of us walk around dehydrated Drink water throughout the day You should […]

EMB 171: Holiday Health Tips 1

Holiday Health Tips is the topic on this episode of Exploring Mind and Body. Today I’m brought on weight loss expert Dr. Lori Semek who is America’s leading expert in weight loss. She was named “Top 16 Health and Fitness Expert” by the Huffington Post, Health Expert of ABC’s show ‘Good Morning Texas’, and best […]

EMB #121: Importance of Hydration 7

Importance of hydration is today’s topic on Exploring Mind and Body¬† and we’ve brought in Mark Ysseldyk who specializes in hydration to help us better understand the importance and how to properly hydrate your body the correct way. I really enjoyed this interview, Mark and I both come from athletic backgrounds and we were both […]