EMB #471: Reduce Stress For The Holidays   Recently updated !

Even though the holidays is supposed to be the most joyous time of year, it can certainly be the most stressful. So we put together a check list for you to follow, to help you keep your stress levels low at this time of year.     Exercise is the #1 way to reduce stress! […]

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EMB #279 Kids Health

What’s the difference between allergies and intolerances, how to create healthy habits, sleep, rituals, getting the kids more active and picky eater suggestions. It’s all coming up this week on Exploring Mind and Body! Thank you so much for your interest in this show of Exploring Mind and Body, if you haven’t done so already please take […]

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Winter Blues

Yeah, it’s normal actually. Winter is coming (or is mostly here) BLAH. There is little to look forward to except more winter BLAH ;). The days are shorter, nights are longer, less Sunshine, less activity, less fresh air. A whole lot of things that wake us up, make us feel good and give us energy […]

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at home workouts with jonathon chant

EMB: 242: Benefits of in Home Personal Training

Jonathan Chant works not only on stretching the muscles, but stretching the mind. This episode discusses the unlimited possibilities that come from stomping your limiting beliefs. . . We will discover the stories we make up about why we can’t do certain things and the habits these stories cause us to form. We will then learn […]

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EMB #212: Fitness Habits for Kids 1

On todays show I welcome Steve Stearns on Exploring Mind and Body to talk about Fitness habits for kids. This is an important topic that I’m passionate about because I believe we give our youth such an advantage in life at starting them out early with healthy habits, not only with fitness but nutrition as […]

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Conditioned Responses 1

In this show I talk about how most of the decisions we make are from habits turned into conditioned responses.  As humans we’re creates of habit, which makes it easy to do different things without even thinking about it. A conditioned response may be to wake up stressed out knowing you have to go to […]

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EMB #211: Adrenal Fatigue and Stress

I had an absolute blast during my presentation at Health Street, and always appreciate being welcomed to their events. In this particular presentation the topic was Adrenal Fatigue. This show in part was much of what I covered in which I wanted share with you. Unfortunately, we’re stressed out as a society. There are so […]

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adrenal fatigue and stress

EMB #124: New Years Resolutions 2

New Years Resolutions is the hot topic this time of year so that’s what we’re going to talk about today on Exploring Mind and Body. One of the biggest problems with setting new years resolutions is that we don’t make them public which is why my number one tip is to let everyone know that […]

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EMB #103: how our environment affects our lifestyle 3

How our environment affects our lifestyle is a major factor when we talk about health and fitness.  I bring it up because it’s all so important in the big scheme of things.  After all we are products of our environment.  I bet there is a large percentage of people that are doctors or nurses because […]

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