EMB #539: Let’s talk about listening to your body!

I wanted to talk about listening to your body, as most of you probably know or have guessed, that we often talk about things that we’re going through in life. So that’s why a lot of times when we’re doing something with the Fitness Family, if we get a lot of questions about something in […]

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EMB #497: Managing Expectations for Happiness

It’s a challenging world to live in today. It seems as though even our closes friends and family’s opinions have. gone from requests to demands. We no longer are expected to do what others want but it seems to be demanded regardless of what’s right for ourselves. Everyone is in a different situation, everyone has […]

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Expectations 4

I like to market, I really do. You don’t hear many people say that because of how difficult it is. Often there isn’t a tangible, often one day one thing works and the next it doesn’t. It’s hard to read people and it’s hard to figure out what people will respond to. I think it’s […]

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