EM&B #403: Caring for Our Environment

Sad to see so much trash, it almost makes me emotional. Maybe more so because so few care. It’s not that there isn’t people picking it up, it’s that we consume too much.   We don’t consider less waste, we don’t think about passing on a container or bringing our own. And something as simple […]

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EMB #215: Creating a Positive Environment 4

Creating a Positive Environment was something that was clear to me the minute I met Jenn Santana. I walked into her studio and with her upbeat energy and enthusiasm, we welcomed me with open arms. Not only that but as her clients began coming into her studio she introduced me right there on the spot! […]

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EMB #211: Adrenal Fatigue and Stress

I had an absolute blast during my presentation at Health Street, and always appreciate being welcomed to their events. In this particular presentation the topic was Adrenal Fatigue. This show in part was much of what I covered in which I wanted share with you. Unfortunately, we’re stressed out as a society. There are so […]

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adrenal fatigue and stress

shark attack my first encounter

Shark Attack my first encounter

SHARK ATTACK my first experience. After reading the title it might surprise you to know I wasn’t actually attacked by a shark. Instead this shark was being attacked, until it stopped breathing by human trash. What would have been a cool experience quite honestly left me sad and feeling a little sick. This beautiful, harmless […]

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Creating a positive environment 10

My idea of having a group of encouraging people when it comes to #health and #fitness is always something I work on. I heard years ago the 5 people you spend most of your time with are a reflection of who you are. Given that much of my day is around other people being fitness […]

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EMB #124: New Years Resolutions 2

New Years Resolutions is the hot topic this time of year so that’s what we’re going to talk about today on Exploring Mind and Body. One of the biggest problems with setting new years resolutions is that we don’t make them public which is why my number one tip is to let everyone know that […]

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EMB #103: how our environment affects our lifestyle 3

How our environment affects our lifestyle is a major factor when we talk about health and fitness.  I bring it up because it’s all so important in the big scheme of things.  After all we are products of our environment.  I bet there is a large percentage of people that are doctors or nurses because […]

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EMB #81: Importance of Environment

Thanks for checking out another show!

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