EMB #229: Get More Out of Your Day

The #1 reason people tell me they didn’t go workout, grocery shop or prepare their meals is because they say they have no time. So I thought, why not do a show on how to get more out of your day, so there’s more time doing the things you want or feel you don’t have time for. […]

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Going Phoneless

5/5 – Going Phoneless 5

I’ve been ‘cell’ phoneless for about 6 weeks now. I recently wrote about not using a cell phone and since then lots of people have been asking me ‘how its going’. As much as I appreciate the interest, it seems like so many of us have forgotten what life has been like when we didn’t […]

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EMB #108: Efficient in the gym and in life 1

Being efficient in the gym and in life is what I”ll cover in this post because I feel we have so many more advantages at being efficient that wasting time and wondering where it all went.  In todays show/post, I’m going to cover batching and what that is, the 80/20 rule, how to workout in […]

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