EMB #255: The Inefficiency Assassin

You heard the saying, “Time is gold.” Sometimes you can’t help but be in disbelief when time passes you by so fast you can’t imagine how it just went by in a heartbeat. What better way to manage your time wisely than to use time management tactics in order to improve your life and make […]

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The Inefficiency Assassin

EMB #108: Efficient in the gym and in life 1

Being efficient in the gym and in life is what I”ll cover in this post because I feel we have so many more advantages at being efficient that wasting time and wondering where it all went.  In todays show/post, I’m going to cover batching and what that is, the 80/20 rule, how to workout in […]

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EMB #87: What we have time for

What we have time for is what I’d like to talk about in the episode of Exploring Mind and Body because the number one excuse or reason people tell me why they don’t life a healthy lifestyle is because they don’t have time.  It always strikes me to know we don’t have time when we […]

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what we have time for