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EMB #358: Leaving your Career to Follow your Passion

Dorothy Keith is a true health advocate that leads by example in her mission to show others how to sustainably live a healthy lifestyle. Dorothy is always setting and achieving new goals to stay motivated and inspire others as well. From Tri-athlons to healthy baking events, Dorothy always has something new going on to show […]

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Leaving your Career to Follow your Passion

EMB #256: Running for a Purpose 1

Listen to Dorothy as she talks about the importance of running with a purpose. After her friend and running partner passed away she decided to start a campaign called Running for Rozina where Dorothy plans to raise money for the Children’s Hospital art program. More details in the show from her training program to recovery, […]

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EMB #228: Results in 10 Days with Dorothy Keith 3

We all go through times in our lives when we experience lack of motivation, we all fall off track and we all need help to head back in the direction we want to go. These are the reasons I wanted to interview Dorothy on her results in 10 days. The reason why I want to […]

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Results in 10 Days

EMB #118: Fitness Competition Dorothy Keith 5

Fitness Competitor Dorothy Keith joins us on this episode of Exploring Mind and Body to talk about her second competition.  I wanted to bring her on to talk about the ups and downs and trials and tribulations of all that’s involved with a competition.  I think many people aren’t exactly sure what a fitness competition […]

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EMB #100: Stay Fit While on Vacation

Summary: Maria Kuzmuik writes a review for Complete Truth Protein.  Maria is a freelance writer and experienced technical editor with a background in nutrition, education and psychology.  For more details about her you can click here. Fitness Competitor Dorothy Keith writes a guest post blog for Exploring Mind and Body.  She walks us through a […]

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EMB#60: Bikini Competition Interview

Bikini Competition Interview  

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EMB#58: Fitness Competitor Dorothy Keith

Dorothy Keith interview Slow digesting carbs Q&A

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