Stress and Depression Around Losing Weight

In this short yet sweet show, Drew tackles the root of all-too-common problems: stress, depression, and weight gain. The root is in the mind; what happens inside the mind is reflected physically on the body. Therefore, when we begin to think negatively about ourselves, we create a magnet for more negative thoughts, and those negative […]

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EMB #186: Meals that heal with Julie Daniluk 4

This could be quite possibly the most information in 30 minutes we’ve had in the 3.5 years we’ve been on air.  I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you hear all this valuable information Julie has to share with us. Before we get started: Who is our Guest? To get to know me, and Meals That […]

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Living in the moment 1

On this show I wanted to talk about how I was able to extend a few pleasurable moments I had over the holidays with loved ones by living in the moment. I link both Anxiety and Depression to living in the past and future when our answer is living in the moment. I truly believe […]

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Post goal depression is something we'll all need to address at some point if we set big enough goals.

EMB #137: Post Goal Depression

Post goal depression isn’t something that’s talked about often but it is something that we all go through when setting goals.  If you set a big enough goal you know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s like the let down after your wedding day; it’s like the day after winning the world series or a […]

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