EMB #536: The Importance of Snacking

What to eat? A good thing to have in your pantry is a snack basket or a snack bin. And you can have granola bars in there, trail mix in there, all ready to grab and go. And have your fruit in the fridge already washed. So you just grab it and go. You can […]

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EMB #152: The Truth about Protein Supplements 1

Protein supplements is the topic on the edition of Exploring Mind and Body, more specifically I’ll be talking about Complete Truth Protein. *Here is an excerpt from the show transcript that I thought would be beneficial for you to read* Food Above All Else Because I believed in food so much I knew this this […]

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EMB #71 (Best of 2012 #2) Reducing Stress, CTP and Detoxify Yourself

Reducing Stress, CTP and Detoxify Yourself

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