Counting Calories

EMB #299: Busting Myths with Mila Maxwell

Join Drew Taddia this week as he interviews Mila Maxwell on Busting Industry Myth’s regarding the BMI test, Counting Calories and Weighing Yourself! Mila Maxwell is passionate about nutrition and holistic health. She has, and continues to study nutrition and is now a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Naturopath, as well as a certified yoga instructor. Mila has gained a […]

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busting myths

Top 5 Nutrition Myths

There are so many nutrition myths out there, so much misconception, so many ‘perceived truths’, which I why I decided to put down my top 5 nutrition myths. There is information coming from every angle, but is it valid, is because ‘we’ve always done it that way’, or maybe there’s even truth to it. Regardless, […]

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EMB #163: Counting Calories 7

The number 1 reason counting calories is nonsense is because every calorie is not created equally. You can’t possibly tell me a cracker, and crackers are some of the worst highly processed foods filled with chemicals you can find, and an apple have an equivalent quality of calorie. If your goal is 1200 calories a […]

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EMB #65: Counting Calories

Real talk Counting calories Detoxify Yourself

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EMB#54: Counting Calories

Counting Calories Tuna recipe working together

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