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EMB #483: Does eating fats really make you fat?

Fats are either causing inflammation or preventing inflammation. Especially when it comes to oils. There are many rancid oils on the shelves that actually cause inflammation. Which includes trans fats which is more directly your deep fried foods, fries, wings, onion rings, etc. It would be a very good idea to understand the chronic pain […]

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Benefits of Turmeric

EMB #276: Benefits of Turmeric

Michael DiSalvo is CEO of Coconut Country Living, an Organic Gluten Free SuperfoodsCompany dedicated to healing the body and our planet. After being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in 1993, Michael spent many years wrestling with pain, anxiety, and depression until learning about the secrets of Ayurveda and natural medicine. Having met his wife of 9 […]

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