EM&B #404: Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Weight Loss Coach

Matt Landsiedel is a transformation coach and writer. He specializes in weight loss transformation, emotional eating, addiction recovery, and teaching the art of vulnerability by showing you how to face your fears with courage. ¬† Matt spent 10 years working as an addiction counsellor before transitioning into doing personal training and transformation coaching. Matt’s holistic […]

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4 as to peak performance

4 A’s to Peak Performance

Alright we’re back at it with another fantastic interview for you which comes by way of a man named Dirk Stroda as he discusses the 4 A’s to Peak Performance¬†. A very interesting man that has been working with high performance athletes for quite some time. Dirk begins talking about he actually started working with […]

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How to Create Lasting Change 2

How to Create Lasting Change is an important topic because deep down that’s what we really want. We need to figure out how to make changes that last. We’ve all been on some sort of diet where we’ve seen results quickly, unfortunately those results that come quick, usually leave just as quickly. So in this […]

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EMB #148: Think Yourself Thin 2

WHAT IS YOUR BACKGROUND, HOW DID YOU COME ABOUT DEVELOPING THIS THINK YOURSELF THIN IDEA? Nathalie P is from Quebec City, lived 8 years in Toronto and now live in White Rock, BC. She has been teaching fitness for over 27 years, personal training for over 15 years, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist for over 10 […]

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