10 day challenge

EMB #228: Results in 10 Days with Dorothy Keith 3

We all go through times in our lives when we experience lack of motivation, we all fall off track and we all need help to head back in the direction we want to go. These are the reasons I wanted to interview Dorothy on her results in 10 days. The reason why I want to […]

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Results in 10 Days

getting out of a fitness rut

Getting out of a fitness rut

Today I asked Dylan Dean to come on the show for an interview to talk about getting out of a fitness rut. As Dylan explains she was stuck in a fitness rut, wasn’t happy with her body, and wasn’t able to find the direction or motivation to start exercising again. ┬áThis is when she heard […]

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10 Day Vegan Challenge 4

We’re starting a 10 day vegan challenge this will be in the form a private group detox. In this show I talk about why I decided to try vegan for a 10 days, which turned into a little more than two weeks at the time this show was recorded. It’s fun to try new things, […]

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