Stress and Depression Around Losing Weight

In this short yet sweet show, Drew tackles the root of all-too-common problems: stress, depression, and weight gain. The root is in the mind; what happens inside the mind is reflected physically on the body. Therefore, when we begin to think negatively about ourselves, we create a magnet for more negative thoughts, and those negative thoughts create stress, which welcomes depression. Biologically, stress and depression create weight gain.

In this episode, Drew helps you to take a deep breath, pay attention to your self-talk,  and be much easier on yourself. You will learn how to transform negative thoughts into self-healing ones, exercise to relieve stress, and the importance of a nutrition program.

If you don’t pull the weeds from the roots, they will continue to grow. So tune in and get ready to make way for your flowers to bloom.


Show Notes:

  • Negative self-talk causes depression
  • Depression and stress= Weight gain
  • Weight problems begin in the mind, out
  • Be much easier on yourself (with your self-talk)
  • Pay close attention to how to you talk to, and about, yourself
  • Turn your focus to a good nutrition program
  • Exercise is a huge stress-reliever
  • Stop weighing yourself! It is terrible
    • You can’t weigh or measure happiness
  • When negative thoughts come in, your brain listens and attracts more negative thoughts.
    • Find and correct negative thinking

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