EMB #111: Passion in starting your own business 2

Passion is what most successful business owners will tell you has gotten them through the difficult times; most business advisors will tell you before you start you need to find something you love in order to pursue it.  I didn’t understand this at first, of course how could I, I had no reason to.  I didn’t have a business, my passion was baseball, I loved it more than anything, and sacrificing or deciding which way to go was never difficult; if it had to do with baseball that’s where I went no questions asked.

I pursed life as an athlete because that’s what I’ve always wanted, to be the best in every way possible, so when I was transferred in this business world, a lot of the advice I read about was find your passion before you start.  Again I didn’t entirely understand this until I ran into people that wanted to change professions but didn’t know what they wanted to do.  They were tired of the rat race, didn’t enjoy the corporate world, in fact only started with it because that’s what they thought they were supposed to do.

You go to school to get a good job, after you get a good job you get married, have children and then what?  I’ll tell you what, often you take a breath ten years later and realize this isn’t what you want, this is what someone else wanted, this is what they told me to do which doesn’t make you happy.  Changing that lifestyle or life plan isn’t so easy, which is exactly why I now understand how important finding something you love is.

The other thing that I didn’t realize until I was neck deep in running my own business was how hard it can be.  What makes it easier is that love, it’s that passion that brought you to the decision to go out on your own.  Times will get tough, no one will dispute that which is why you need to be involved in something you care deeply about so you don’t quit, so you don’t go back to that misery which is the reason you left in the first place.  And don’t get me wrong here, I have personal friends that have been involved in the corporate world since they left high school and enjoy every minute of it.  I’m talking strictly to those that want to make a change in their life and move on from wherever they’re at.

Without a doubt the number one thing a person should do when deciding what route they want to take in starting their own business is to find something they love.  There’s a million ways to make a millions dollars all which starts in finding something you love.  Don’t do something because you think you should, we’ve already tried that route; don’t do something because you think it’ll make a lot of money; there’s a whole lot of miserable people making more money than I could dream about.  Find something you love, find something that inspires you, something that wake you up each morning excited and the money, freedom,  riches and fame or whatever you’re after will come naturally.


  • What kind of business should you create
  • Changing your environment directed towards finding passion
  • Talk action, a risk a leap of faith

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I really love talking about this stuff, I hope these tips were helpful, I certainly didn’t cover nearly what I wanted to.  I promise I’ll come back to this subject and talk about how to differentiate, how to draw traffic, how to stand out and dare to be different, but for now this will have to do.  Thank you so much for your time, thanks for tuning it, every chance you get to listen or download or read an episode it means the world to me.  If you have any questions or suggestions I’d love to hear them.

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