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Sideline Prep

GeNienne Samuels is the founder and president of Sideline Prep, as well as an accomplished entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and public speaker. Freelancing as a news anchor, producer, and reporter, Samuels is also a Business Process Reengineer(BPR), quality and process improvement consultant, and holds the distinguished credential of being a Project Management Professional(PMP).

Sideline Prep

Samuels recently retired as a Wizard Girl for the NBA’s Washington Wizards to take on the role as the In-Arena Host for the Washington Wizards. In addition to her love of stunting, cheerleading, and dance, GeNienne owns a quality consulting company, GS Consulting & Communication, Inc.(GSCC), that services the State of Maryland, the Federal Government, and small businesses and nonprofits in the DC Metropolitan area. GeNienne is also the host for two television shows: “Operation Rising Star” (in support of the military) which airs on the Pentagon Channel and “SchoolScene: (in support of Fairfax County Public Schools) which can be viewed on RedApple21 in Fairfax County.

Sideline Prep is an international network of current and former professional and semi-professional cheerleaders that fully prepare aspiring professional cheerleaders with the knowledge, style, and glamour to walk into professional cheerleading prep classes and auditions for the NFL and NBA with confidence and ultimately, “sideline-ready.” GeNienne and her team of coaches have spent years developing, implementing, testing, tracking, and tweaking strategies, techniques and advice to target the techniques that yield positive results so they can share, deliver, and teach what really works.

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