Results are born outside of your comfort zone 3

Results are born outside of your comfort zone because when we become complacent, when we do the same activities, when we eat the same foods, day in and day out our body adapts to what we’re doing. This is where muscle confusion comes in. We need to continue to change our methods so our body continues to stay confused which is where we find most of our results.

Humans are creatures of habit

So here’s the issue, as humans we are creatures of habit. We sleep on the same side of the bed, we eat breakfast in the same chair at the kitchen table, and I’d imagine most of us even park in the same stall even if we have the choice to park wherever we want.

Change up workouts and nutrition

This is no different when it comes to workouts. Many times we do the same workout routines time and time again. Day in and day out nothing changes, so our body doesn’t change. When it comes to nutrition, this is no different. Sometimes we don’t address nutrition at all. We figure working out is good enough. And other times we eat the same amount of foods, at the same time of day and wonder why we aren’t seeing changes.

How to see changes

By changing the frequency of your workouts meaning how many times a week, this could help you see more results. Now when I say results are born outside of your comfort zone, this is what I mean. We think we don’t have the time, we’ve don’t the energy or effort, in which all cases I’d say, then you don’t have the time to get the results you want.

You don’t always have to do more, you can do less and change up your intensity. So regarding duration, which is another great way to see results, instead of working out for an hour of slow consistent intensity, shorten up your workout to 20 minutes and workout just a bit harder.  And maybe that will make a difference.

And when it comes to food, it’s absolutely essential you try different meals at different times of the day, different quantities. Have breakfast for dinner once in awhile, who said there’s something wrong with that? Whatever you doing change it up and live outside of your comfort zone.

One big experiment

It all comes down to this. Your body is one big experiment. You need to continue to guess and test to see what will work, what doesn’t, what is and what hasn’t been. What most people don’t want to hear is, the guessing and testing will never end (which is what I love about it). You body is always changes, aging, growing new cells and more. Which means it doesn’t mean if you’re a beginner exerciser or seasoned vet, changing up your routine, continuing to guess and test and figure out what works when is something you’ll need to accept and welcome with both arms if you want to make this your lifestyle and see the results you’re after.

results are born outside of your comfort zone

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