Reduce stress with prevention instead of treatment

reduce stress with prevention instead of treatment


Why is prevention better?

  • Feeling strong and healthy all the time
  • Sleeping well
  • Live in vitality
  • Not struggling with your health
  • Skip out on medication – missing work, doctors offices, waiting rooms, forms to fill out, medication, side affects
  • Stress put on your family

Reduce stress in your life

Figure out what stresses you out first

  • Work – address the issue
  • Family – talk to them
  • Something your spouse is doing

How to Reduce Stress

  • #1 thing NOT to do, is nothing
  • Find a way to reduce stress, it will be different for you – painting, gaming, jogging, yelling
  • Get away
  • Take a drive
  • Breath
  • Stretch
  • Write

Prevent with Food, every single day

  • Free radicals increase aging, they cause health issues, cause wrinkles in your skin

– they come from, highly processed, sugary, fatty foods

  • Antioxidants – dark leafy greens, bright colored veggies

– stir fry, green smoothie, fruit smoothie

– not enough people get greens

  • Immune system lies partially in our gut
  • If you’re not feeling well often look to your diet

– if you think it’s clean, clean it up more

  • Look to fermented foods – probiotics – help digest, utilize, absorb, and create homeostasis in your gut

-kefir, sauerkraut, miso, kimchi

  • Hydration – coffee, ‘don’t like water’, bathroom all the time- flush out toxins


Some form of Exercise every single day

I know that seems like a lot to many but think about it

Is your health worth it?

Yoga, walking, a machine, rebounder, something simple, anything, stretching even, exercise groups, vacation, hobby.

Improve sleep with Shawn Stevenson

Children – set an example

Fight Dis-ease, strengthen your heart, and lungs, get fresh blood flowing through your body, increase your bone mass

You don’t have to accept less as you get older. Your health doesn’t have to deteriorate – old mind set

Accepting mediocre – reading, typing, – glasses, cane, walker, etc

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