Reasons you should fail in the gym

I understand we have an automatic knee jerk reaction when it comes to the word failure but when you think about it and if we break it down, we can realize failure is a good thing. In fact as many of us know, without failure there is no success. Which doesn’t mean we still don’t fear it.

In this show I talk about how we need failure to succeed in the gym. Why we have to fail if we want to find success with our health and fitness goals. I hope this show helps you understand failure helps us push past our limits, it helps us find out what those limits are, how to push past our comfort zone (and find out what it is).

reasons you should fail in the gym

Show Notes:

  • pushing past your comfort zone
  • failure is the only way to see results
  • failure is our friend, not an enemy
  • trying new things will help you get better at both the new things and past things
  • push past your limits
  • a small amount of failure should encourage you to succeed
  • if you never fail how will you get better?

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