EMB #145: Paradise in Plain Sight

EM&B #145: Paradise in Plain Sight is the topic on today’s Exploring Mind and Body.  Have you ever felt like a book has found you for a reason, have you ever ran into someone that you felt like you were supposed to meet?  Well this this case I feel like both the book (Paradise in Plain Sight) and the author (Karen Maezen Miller) was meant for me to find.

This is my most candid interview to this point.  In fact, Karen and I didn’t officially open the show like I do, there’s absolutely nothing formal about the interview (except for intro, extro and sponsor mentions) but Karen and I talked and laughed and openly had a conversation about her book and life and everything else that come up.

Here’s more information about Karen:

Karen Maezen Miller is the author of Hand Wash ColdMomma Zen, and most recently Paradise in Plain Sight She’s also a Zen Buddhist priest, meditation teacher, wife, and mother.  Visit her online at www.karenmaezenmiller.com.

Paradise in Plain Sight by Karen Maezen Miller

Paradise in Plain Sight by Karen Maezen Miller

Throughout Paradise in Plain Sight, you actually feel like you’re in the garden, you feel like you’re standing there next to Karen as she teaches you about life.  In the interview Karen talks about how there is so much to learn from her garden, tending to it and understanding more about life.  I can relate as I recently planted my own garden and more than anything am taught the patience it takes to grow and nurture and be a part of life on a different level.

paradise in plain sight

Lessons from a Zen Garden

To be quite honest with you, I don’t exactly have show notes to share with you, not the way I usually do.  The entire episode is more of a lesson than anything.  I love it so much because this is me more than anything, I felt comfortable on air with Karen, laughing and talking opening and being fully engaged in what she had to say.  Karen talks about how letting things come to you, how to let go of expectations and results and simply being who you are without judgement.

Karen talked about how her Zen Garden has been there for much longer than she’s tended to it, which has been 17 years.  How’s it’s in her home but open to the public, and she actually invited me to visit.  I’m excited about this because as stated earlier, in her book it’s like she’s standing there next to you in her garden so I feel like I’ve already been there.  So to go back and visit will be an adventure I’ll look forward to.

Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you to Karen for coming on the show, sharing some of time with us, writing such a wonderful book and opening up her garden’s teachings to the world.  That you so much the listeners out there that follow along, comment, share, like and download, you all give me the inspiration to move forward.  I’d love to have Karen on the show again to share more of her Zen teachings with us, so hopefully in the near future you can look forward to that.