EMB #127: Overcome nutrition pitfalls

Overcome nutrition pitfalls is today’s topic on Exploring Mind and Body.  This is an interesting subject because many of us don’t know what we’re missing in our diets, what issues we may run into when lacking nutrients and really what the most important nutrients we need to be consuming are.  That’s why I feel how to overcome nutrition pitfalls is such an important subject and what’s more is we have a special guest lined up for you today on the show.  As you’ll hear I welcome Angela Ysseldyk B.A, RHN who is a Holistic health and lifestyle coach.

Angela has been a Holistic Nutritionist since 1999 and holds a business degree.  Her passion is for healthy happy living and helps coach people to live the life of their dreams.  Angela has owned and sold a chain of health food stores for 8 years along with her husband Mark.  She has worked in the holistic health field her whole life: at gyms, health food stores, online stores and for the top nutrition companies.  She has worked closely with top leading health experts for 10 years.   She grew up on a honey farm, so knows a little about the birds and the bees and considers herself a bit of a hippie at heart.

So as you can tell Angela is more than qualified to give us valuable information on how to overcome nutrition pitfalls and again as you’ll hear with her easy to understand way or explaining each topic, I think you’ll find the information she offers easy to implement in your life.


Top 4 ways to Overcome Nutrition Pitfalls


You might be surprised to hear Angela talk about how Iron is the most important nutrient we are missing in our diets today.  There’s a number of different ways to supplement iron in your diets, I always look to food first (ie. organic black strap molasses, pumpkin seeds, quinoa and plenty more; and if you consume animal product a variation of meats also contain good sources of iron.


There are so many health benefits to magnesium, although you won’t find a direct correlation like for example potassium and bananas or milk and calcium.  Magnesium rich foods include leafy greens, beans, grains, fish, avocados, ect.  As you’ll hear in the interview Angela explains why magnesium is a vital nutrient in ways to overcome nutrition pitfalls.

Vitamin D:

Most closely linked to the sun, it’s difficult to get enough sun especially living in Canada or even North America which is why many of lack Vitamin D.  Some good sources of Vitamin D is actually found Butter and Cod liver oil.  If are going to use supplement looks for Vit D 3 as opposed to Vit. D 2.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

Omega # is an Essential Fatty Acid because the body can’t produce it which means we need help from other sources.  Some of those include cold water fish and grass fed beef.  These fatty acids works as anti inflammatory properties, that help with your joints, vision and overall feeling better.  So it would be a good idea to increase omega 3 fatty acids in your diet.


This interview was a little longer than our typical interview but there was so much good information I didn’t want to cut it off.  These top 4 Nutrients to cover come nutrition pitfalls was only half the interview.  After we get through this segment Angela goes on to cover 6 more tips on overcoming these nutrient deficiencies.

Just a quick thank you to Angela for coming on the show.  It was absolutely my pleasure, one of my favorite interviews thus far so again thanks for coming on the show and offering this information to our listeners.  I hope you enjoy the show, if you have any questions or comments please ask below and I’ll get back to you as soon a I can.

All the best in overcoming your nutrition pitfalls!

For more information on Angela you can visit:

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