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Thanks so much for stopping by our About Us page. My name is Drew Taddia, and I’m the host of Exploring Mind and Body.

The shows inspiration really came from helping people. I understand the frustration out there with so much information, too much information. Gimmicks, sales pitches and empty promises. I wanted to offer something that could actually improve lives. And that’s quality information that people can trust and actually use.

Exploring Mind and Body is a Nationally Syndicated talk radio show which currently airs on:

The main focus is information based, interview format and is 30 minutes in length.

The short story is, after traveling the world as a professional athlete following my passion of baseball for the better part of 10 years, I stopped for a brief moment and started running a health and fitness business. Wanting to find a bigger platform to help change lives and improve health I approached the local radio station to see if we can work together.

To make a long story short, the whirlwind of life and business, successes and failure and more particularly interviews and air time, more than 10 years later the show is going strong!

Some of my more popular interviews include (click on the title to listen to the full show):

To listen to a short snippet with Dan Millman, Tosca Reno and Julie Daniluk, click the play button below:

To find out more about myself and how we can work together to improve your health more details are on our Fitness and Nutrition website here.

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