Motivation With James Anderson

James Anderson is a 25 year old Ultra Endurance Athlete and Entrepreneur. Is the current holder of the Guinness world record for heaviest weight lifted with a Kettlebell in 1 hour (held for 19 months) , finalist in BBC 2’s “Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week” – labelled the toughest reality T.V Show ever aired. Only one of two men to run the entire pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome 1,200 miles in 58 days completely unassisted. Attempting world record for push ups, only 100 off last attempt reaching 2,100 reps in one hour. Now uses experience to build successful businesses.


Show Notes:

Find your Purpose

  • Dig deep
  • Why
  • Soul Searching
  • Avoid Distraction

Define your obstacles

  • Tangible Goals
  • Set A One Year Goal
  • Brek It Down Month To Month
  • Possibly Week to Week
  • Celebrate the Little things
  • Small Rewards


  • See Yourself Achieving Your Goals
  • Go Into Detail

Building Resilience

  • Accept Failure
  • Man’s Search For Meaning
  • Letters From Seneca
  • Surround You

A Journey Doesn’t End With Achieving The Goal

  • Hard Work
  • Dedication

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