EMB: 191 How we Treat Others

Why do we treat our loved ones worse than we treat perfect strangers? It sounds funny, maybe even odd but it’s the truth. And I’m not saying we should treat strangers any worse, we should be kind to everyone equally but especially those we love most. Those that mean more to us, those that we love should be treated with love and respect but instead we take out our anger and frustration on those we love the most.  It would be a good idea to consider how we treat others no matter who they are or what they mean to us.

Show Notes:

-don’t be mean to strangers

-we would be polite and respectful to a perfect stranger but when it comes to our loved ones…

-bad day, your boss yelled at you, a customer treated you badly or maybe a service ripped you off so you’re in a bad mood.

-who do we take it out on  when we get home?

-who is punished for our bad day?

-those we love the most….spouse, friends, pet – dog lover…animal lover, dog will always be loyal, it will always love you.

The way we talk to our kids

-woman grabber her kid by the arm, 3 inches from his face, used harsh words

What about the way coaches talk their players

– I could see a time and a place for yelling

– coaches yell just to yell

– show their power, intimidate, get their point across

– there’s no other way?

– loss of communication, foreign language, talking slower and louder

-you have no other means to communicate than to yell

– coach trying to embarrass their player, when all they’re doing is embarrassing themselves, a grown up having a temper tantrum

– My coaches, higher up the better the coaches, the less yelling

– K state coach, demanding respect, using words, the way you act, the respect you give

How we treat others

Sitting in a meeting – treat people how you’d like to be treated

-powerful statement

Have you ever thought about the words you use?

-could be in your own head about yourself,

-could be what you say to others

-I don’t believe there is any different between verbal, emotional and physical abuse

-they all harm on a deep level

– Divorce rate Stats Canada say 40% – Huffington post for the US says 50%

Showing appreciation

-what if we were to tell our employees how much we appreciation them, or our co workers

-Kids Matter Card

-Ever send a thank you card

-Say thank you for a thank you gift

Karen Koeing – Emotional Eating

-Labels story of saying thank you

– when was the last time we actually said thank you for  something someone does instead of just expecting it?

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