How to Hack Sleep When stressed

How to Hack Sleep when stressed is something that most of us have wondered at some point in our lives. It’s simple, when we’re stressed out we sleep less. And when we sleep less we’re stressed out more. It’s a vicious cycle of feeling stressed out and sleep deprived which is a recipe for disaster.

We’re irritable, don’t get along with friends, family and co-workers. We snap at the kids, even the dog and don’t even know it. For these reasons I decided to put together a post to help you sleep better when you’re stressed out when will help you reduce the stress in your life.

how to hack sleep when stressed

Show Notes:

Why are you stressed ?

Write it down

– keep pen paper next your  bed

– talk to friend

Comfort Foods

– Stay away

– have other snacks in the house

– find something  to in the evening


– #1 way to reduce the stress

– Find a time

– Morning, Lunch , Evening

– 10-15 mins is all you need

Create a Zen like home

– play soft music

– Himalayan Salt Lamps

Develop  Healthy Lifestyle Habits

-Wake up –workout

-Have a good breakfast

-Meditation or breathing  exercises

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