EMB 171: Holiday Health Tips

Holiday Health Tips is the topic on this episode of Exploring Mind and Body. Today I’m brought on weight loss expert Dr. Lori Semek who is America’s leading expert in weight loss. She was named “Top 16 Health and Fitness Expert” by the Huffington Post, Health Expert of ABC’s show ‘Good Morning Texas’, and best selling author of Fire Up Your Fat Burn.

Holiday Health Tips

The Three Bite Rule:

There is where Dr. Lori explains how we can stop eating our favorite treat of dessert after three bites. All it takes is a little consciousness to know, the food isn’t tasting any better, and after the third bite it’s okay to put down your sugary sweet.

Have nutrients before you arrive at holiday dinner

Dr Lori recommends you take a supplement high in fibre with lots of water before dinner as one of her holiday health tips. In the show she mentions the supplement brand name PGX or Silium which is high in fibre and will give you that full sensation so you don’t overeat.

She also recommends a protein and healthy fat like cheese and avocado before your dinner. Dr. Lori goes into details about why this is significant for holiday health tips in the show.


Another important factor for holiday health tips is hydration in this episode. Dr. Lori explains how lemon water can actually reduce cravings. We don’t notice how ofter we’re dehydrated throughout the day with the small amount of water we take in. Everything from weight gain, to craving attacks, to join pain and headaches is talked about in regards to hydration and the importance of it especially over the holidays.

Reduce Snacking

I love this tip by Dr. Lori because I think we’ve all snacked and don’t even know it. She says we should stay an arms length away from the buffet table because often we’re snacking and don’t even know it.

Thank you

Just a short note to say thank you to Dr. Lori for coming on the show and offering these valuable holiday health tips for us. If you’d like to follow Dr. Lori you can do so on facebook and twitter.