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EM&B:#146 Grateful for what we have is the topic on today’s Exploring Mind and Body.  So in this episode it’s just me, no interview, it’s just you and me like I started out. I very much enjoy the interview format, I like talking to people, meeting them and hearing what they write about, speak about or what type of expert they are. But I also like to have the opportunity to talk to you as well, to share my experiences and let you know my thoughts on a given subject.

Today I’m going to talk about being grateful for what we have. This show was in part inspired by our last show #144, paradise in plain sight. I mean, so often we wish we had something, we talk about when we get older, or when we retire when or when we have this or that, when all the while exactly what we want is staring us in the face. Often we have everything we need, we even have everything we’ve ever dreamed of but we’re so busy wanting, we can’t see what’s right in front of us.


Before we get too in depth, I want to talk about the show just a little bit and let you know what I’m grateful for. First of all I want to let you know this is a radio show, Jamison’s a real DJ/disk jockey who edits my material, 96.5 CKFM is a real radio station. So the point I’m getting at is, we need sponsors to air this show. It sounds funny but it’s true, and the reason I want to explain this is because once in awhile I tune into a podcast as well, to see what others are doing, maybe find some useful information or to listen to an expert in their field and all I hear is commercial after commercial. This one podcast, and I don’t feel any need to express exactly which one, but the first 5 mins is commercials before they actually get into any content. This is shocking to me, and I lose interest quickly.

Then you have those big name types, the ones that we all know bring in a very substantial income and they still advertise as often as possible to make more money off the show. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with bringing in income but if you don’t need it, why through in interruptions that take up air time.

I really like this one magazine that doesn’t advertise at all, and I wish I could think of the name for you. I’ll see if I can find it and link it in the show notes so you can check it out. Think about that though, what a novel idea. Magazines are flooded with advertisements, in fact many of them have more advertisements than content.   As much as I love to advertise for our sponsors and as grateful as I am for them, think about a show without commercials, this about straight content and quality information. I know many of you may think, it’s just another way to bring in money, or that sponsors may not be needed, as they aren’t with many podcasts, so I just wanted to make that clear. We’re actually on air, have a couple people helping out with the show, and air time certainly isn’t free.

Shout outs!

I just have a quick couple shout outs to those who have recently let me know how much they’ve been enjoying the show. So look, to be quite honest with you, I’m not one of those celebrity types that gets more emails from the show than I can handle; I’m not one of those people that can’t be reached and have 3 personal assistants answering for me. For the most part if you send me an email, it’s me answering it.

And the truth is, at times this can be hard work. To book interviews, to schedule studio time, to review books, to write blog posts and then strategically share them afterwards so they don’t seem like spam; it’s all something I very much enjoy. In fact this radio show is easily one of if not my favorite things to do with all I have going on. But it does take effort on a weekly basis. And at times when you don’t hear from anyone, you wonder if anyone is listening, you wonder if others are appreciating the show and what I have to say. The show is growing, which is exciting, so more people are writing in; and I don’t think it makes me immune to it, or less grateful. In fact it makes me more grateful to know we’re reaching others that are actually benefiting from the show.

We have Julie from Olds who said she wished the shows were longer, we have Rob from Didsbury that’s written me a few times letting me know he enjoys the show. We got my man Jase in Red Deer who’s actually set us his own personal training mobile service and lastly Margo just wrote me from Hanna, who bought my book, some Complete Truth Protein and also let me that’s she’s listening and enjoying the show.

So I know I say this often at the end but I really mean it. Thank you all so much, each one of you that downloads, and comments, and shares the show with their friends. I can track a lot of that stuff, I watch the show grow and reach more people and truly get inspired by the more people we can reach and the more I hear from you. So again thanks to everyone that takes the time to write in, you notes certainly don’t go unnoticed.

grateful for what we have

Show Notes

  • I talk about how writing frees me but how it also imprisons me.  I go on the explain how I’m grateful for what I have in that writing is a gift and I use it to free me.
  • I talk about the things we track, what’s really relevant and how we can be grateful for what we have.
  • Lastly I go over giving compliments and grateful we can be to give them and receive them


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