EMB#192: Get fit with gratitude

Anita Parker has a long list of credentials that include a Bachelor of Science, a Bacehlor of Education and along with an AFLCA instructor who certifies trainers she has taught fitness classes, yoga and more for over 20 years. It’s an absolute pleasure to have Anita on the show and share this interview with you.

I love the topic of get fit with gratitude because I personally believe coming from a place of gratitude we can be more successful in all areas of life, so why not fitness as well. Without boring you, Anita talks about how our bodies actually chemically change by having a mindset of appreciation.  She also goes over numerous benefits that will actually show you how you can get fit with gratitude.  More in the show notes….

Get fit with gratitude

Notes Provided by Anita Parker

  • direct correlation between positive emotions and health
  • emotions are embodied experiences, science shows this (so weird that we still have a disconnect between our minds and bodies). Not just in our heads! In fact, our bodies feel emotions first and then send the message to our brains.
  • gratitude is a unique positive emotion, because it is actually something you can DO. You can have a gratitude action plan (as compared to other positive emotions), so it’s as much a part of your health as your diet, exercise, medicines, etc.
  • love this: stress shortens your telomeres (bits of DNA at the end of chromosomes). (My science degree was in genetics) Telomeres shorten naturally as we age, but stress hastens this. So terribly cool that stress kills us at the DNA level of every cell in our body.

positive emotions

More Show Notes:

  • How exercise is not an option
  • There different types of exercise there was 20 years ago
  • how the fitness industry has changed
  • Science of motion
  • positive emotions offer positive health
  • how to use gratitude as a tool
  • gratitude is a unique positive emotion
  • how gratitude came improve your workouts
  • create a gratitude journal

One of my favorite parts of what Anita said in the interview and off air is how she wanted to use catch phrases to name this topic like ‘lose weight with gratitude’, and then realized that phrase wasn’t true to her so she went with ‘get fit with gratitude’.  To me, that says a lot about Anita and what she stands for because being fully engulfed in the fitness industry for most of my life, now as a professional, quite honestly it’s difficult to find those that will put truth and simply being real at the top of their priority list and by pass catch phrases like ‘lose weight’.  Now I’m not saying everyone is like that in the fitness industry but I am saying, it’s a breath of fresh air to have Anita on the show and share her experiences as not only a great trainer and leader in the industry but a real person as well.

Thanks so much for coming on the show Anita, I love what you’re doing and hope you continue working with you in the future!

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