EMB #87: What we have time for

What we have time for is what I’d like to talk about in the episode of Exploring Mind and Body because the number one excuse or reason people tell me why they don’t life a healthy lifestyle is because they don’t have time.  It always strikes me to know we don’t have time when we know ever well not only what we have time for but what we make time for.

Truth of the matter is we make time for the priorities in our life.  We seem to find time when we really it; time miraculously appears when we set our mind to do something that we really want to achieve.  As you’ll hear in the show what we have time for is surprising when it comes to spending time with friends, going to the movies, maybe hitting the fast food joint.  These are all choices we deep priorities, significant or believe this is actually what we have time for.  However when it comes to health, that’s a whole nother story.

what we have time for

What we have time for and what we make time for are two complete different things


Show Notes:

  • I give examples of how a single mother of 4 was able to make better health choices, have a full time job and make it to workout class three times a week.
  • I also have another example of a married mother of 3 that trained for a fitness competition.  I put her through extreme workouts along with a very strict nutrition regiment and she still found time to be a mother and wife.
  • Then I’ll talk about finances when it comes to what we have time for.  It’s funny how we have time to spend money when we think we can’t afford a gym membership or go to workout class.
  • I even break down what our morning coffee would cost us when we think we don’t have the money or don’t understand what we have time for when it comes to our health.
  • And lastly I talk about the toxic habits we make time for: the gossip, the negative family member or co-workers and other things we do that actually waste our time.

Simple Carbohydrates

Is another one of the main topics in the show.  I talk about what simple carbs are, why we should avoid them most of the day and even  when the best times to consume them are.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)

The last segment of this show I talk about GMO’s, it’s a topic we should become more aware of, we should pay more attention to and make the right choice based on our beliefs.  I hope you get a chance to listen to the end of the show because this is an important topic I cover.


It’s important to realize what we have time for when we really think about it because I think if we really paid attention to the money we spend, the time we waste and realize how we can actually be more efficient, I think we’d realize we have time for much more than we plan on.

The side subjects of simple carbs and GMO’s shouldn’t be overlooked in this show.  They are important subjects to pay attention to if we really want to improve our health.


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