EMB #159: Toddler Health

I know there’s a number of young mothers out there looking for information on how to help raise your children in a healthy manner.  Who doesn’t want to give our youth an advantage at living a healthier lifestyle?

I asked Janabai Amsden who is the own of Rawvolution which is a raw food restaurant in Santa Monica California to come on the show and share some tips on how to raise healthy children from the get go!

Toddler Health

Toddler Health with Janabai Amsden

I first met Janabai when I wandered into her restaurant while visiting Santa Monica; it was apparent as soon as I walked in this was a different restaurant. Not just because there were serving raw food but because of the atmosphere.  Honestly it looked like half the people weren’t even eating (or had finished eating awhile ago) and were just sitting, enjoying their company and the atmosphere they were in.

I must say it was astounding how welcoming the energy was in the whole place.  I enjoyed it so much I wanted to know who created such a place, so I asked one of the employees who the owner was. Sure enough, here walks by Janabai who offered to come over to our table, talked to us for a few minutes and then actually suggested other raw food restaurants in the area. I couldn’t believe how generous she was after just meeting her. Most owners don’t give you the time of day let alone come over and spend some time with you.  So of course I had to invite her on the show.

Something we haven’t talked about before, is a subject I’m interested in myself. I get questions all the time on toddler health and to I’m certainly not an expert so I can’t wait to share this interview will all the new mothers I know out there who are looking to raise their children with more healthy options.

Show Notes

  • Starting your children out right by introducing them to health options early in age
  • Your child’s first food (Janabai used coconut)
  • Introduce spices and fermented foods
  • Use olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil early and often
  • Offer children green juices when they are young
  • Let your child choose their favorite veggie, often we assume our child won’t eat something when they haven’t even tried it
  • In social situations play the host and offer healthy options, you’d be surprised how much children will eat and enjoy given the chance
  • What is at the eye level for your children. Make it easy for them to choose healthy
  • Communicate with other like minded parents
  • Offer your children herbal tea and make it fun!

Thank you

I just want to say a special thank you to Janabai for coming on the show and offering some of these fantastic tips for us. Some I personally haven’t thought of and I’m sure we can all work toward at least preparing to improve toddler health at an early age so we can get them started out with all the advantages possible.

Thank you for checking out another show, I hope you found it valuable and I’ll look forward to having you with us for the next show!

If you want more information on Janabai or where she’s located you can check out her website here, or find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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