EMB: #149 How to Juice

How to juice is the topic on today on Exploring Mind and Body.  Today I’m interviewing Debbie Kishineff who is an absolute expert leading by experience who actually drinks 3 pints of juice a day.  She’s lost 65lbs (correct me if I’m wrong Debbie) and she’s changed her lifestyle around for the better.  Debbie is heavily involved in the Health Food industry who owns a successful superfood company called Jump up and GoGo. 

After years of living an unhealthy life Debbie decided to make a change.  She started taking health food classes, more particularly raw food classes, decided to make life changes, lost a ton of weight and now find herself smack in the middle of the health food industry.

How to juice with Debbie Kishineff

How to juice with Debbie Kishneff

Topics we covered in the show:


Debbie uses a Champion juicer, but says you get what you pay for.  You can buy a more expensive juicer or a lower end one.  Just remember, you don’t get all the nutrients from the lowest quality types.

Wheat grass:

In how to juice Debbie also talks about how to grow and harvest wheat grass and finally how to use.  Great topic right here.  Debbie ends up freezing hers is coconut water…..how good does that sound!?

Fermenting Pulp:

So one of the biggest issues of why people don’t juice is because of lost nutrients or wasted food.  Debbie talks about how she actually turns her pulp into fermented food.  I love talking about this subject so I’m glad Debbie gave us some advise on how to ferment our own food.

Vacuum Sealing:

Here is an interesting topic and way to preserve your juice so you can take it with you wherever you go!  Debbie talks about how she carries juice with her and how this process makes it easier so she’s never without her juice.

Fruit/Veggie ratio:

This is a great topic because many people aren’t sure what recipe to use or what format to follow.  Debbie gives us some easy advise when recommending the 80/20 rule.  80%Veggies 20% Fruit is as simple as it gets. Debbie also warns us to be conscious of how much sugar (even from fruit) we’re putting in our body.


Just a quick thank you to Debbie for coming on the show.  She really is a down to earth, regular person that’s here to help, so for everything that you do Debbie, we appreciate you.

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